This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about Axelt.

  • Which data will there be in the modernization plan?

    The analysis of current situation and ways to eliminate problems.

    Modernization plan. Marketing, markets.

    Technical instructions for site construction, mobile application, modern design techniques, search engine optimization and for companies-executives

    The list of investors.

    The list of local companies which will help you conduct modernization

  • Are modernization plan examined additionally?

    After our artificial intelligence forms the modernization plan, the will be checked by the experts in each field.

  • Which information must I provide?

    You need to provide general information on your business and your wishes regarding business development.

  • Which data provided by me will you keep?

    We keep all the data mentioned above. Data is stored on local computers only. The site does not keep any data for your safety and privacy.

  • How long does it take to prepare the modernization plan?

    The AXELT LOC modernization plan preparation takes up to 5 days after receiving initial data from you. The modernization plan with AXELT EVO usage is prepared up to 9 days.

  • What is artificial intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence is a technologically created intellectual computer program able to analyze large sets of data.

  • Why is artificial intelligence the best in preparing business analysis reports?

    Artificial intelligence is able to process and analyze the data from millions of sites within minutes. Speed and efficiency are its main advantages. Technical, professional and other mistakes caused by human involvement are eliminated.

  • How can I order a modernization plan for my business or startup?

    To order a report just click on the PRICE tab and choose the kind of modernization plan you need.

    AI AXELT LOC — For local business and startups.

    AI AXELT EVO — For scaling business and startups.

    You will receive an automatic link for your business data input after the payment.

  • How do I provide my data after the payment?

    After the payment you will receive an automatic link to your personal data input page. We will inform you additionally after receiving this data.

  • How often do I need modernization plan for my business to stay technologically up-to-date?

    You need modernization plan every 6 to 9 months for your business to stay successful and technologically relevant.

  • Is there a non-compete agreement?

    We guarantee that we will not submit the same report to your local competitors within 2 months.

  • When will BETA TEST be finished?

    Beta testing will be held until 2017. In case of early release, we will inform you via email or social media.